LOW LEAKAGE low-leakage


Mr. Allen Wan
Sales Director

Ultra-Low Leakage


The leakage rate of MSV is generally measured by the ANSI FCI 70-2 standard. According to the calculation of the FCI standard, the leakage of different types of MSVs can be obtained as shown in the figure below. The allowable leakage volume of Class IV can be seen to be two orders of magnitude more than that of Class V and Class VI. The gap is very big. Usually, leakage rate of MSV supplied by other companies can only reach FCI Class IV. Moreover, with the rapid wear of the soft sealing material, normally six months after installation, the leakage will seriously exceed the standard requirement, which will seriously affect the normal use of customers.

However, the plane metal-to-metal sealing MSV provided by Kitsnet can realize the leakage requirement of FCI Class V and Class VI, which can realize the requirement of shutoff valve, and the performance is far ahead of other manufacturers in China and abroad.

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